Clinical Pharmacists

Clinical Pharmacists in our Surgery

Park and Calder Community Practice is supporting a new training pathway for pharmacists in general practice

As a part of the national NHS England pilot we employ two Clinical Pharmacists in our GP surgery.

Our Pharmacists will offer appointments to patients to help manage long-term conditions such as Hypertension and Asthma, for Medicines Reviews and other medicines-related support, including discussing side effects. Pharmacists can also help patients with their medicines following a stay in hospital.

Having Clinical Pharmacists working at our surgery will increase the availability of appointments, ease the workload of GPs and provide valuable medicines support.

Pharmacists work alongside GP’s and Advanced Nurse Practitioners to ensure that patients receive safe and effective drug treatments, and follow the most up-to-date evidence-based guidelines.

When will you see a Clinical Pharmacist?

  • Medicines reviews
  • Long-term conditions review e.g. Asthma, COPD, high blood pressure
  • After a stay in a hospital
  • When experiencing side effects.

Seeing the pharmacist does not replace an appointment with the doctor. You will still be able to see your GP if you need to.

Please see leaflet for more information.